• Solar System Design

    We at Global Solar Energy have some of the leading solar system design experts in and around the Atlanta, Georgia area and is committed to severing you our valued customers. Solar System Design ...

  • Solar System Installation

    We specialize in all types of solar system installation and have a wide variety of professionals and experts ready to install your solar system. Solar System Installation Includes; Site ...

  • Maintenance/ Repair

    We provide maintenance and repair to existing systems to keep it up and in good working order. All  PV system needs to be checked on a regular basis, especially battery systems small or large. We ...


Latest Solar Energy Info

Worlds Largest floating solar farm in E china

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How the government pays for 30% of your solar system

    Federal Tax Credit is one of the most helpful incentives implemented by the government of the United States Of America to encourage Americans to use cleaner energy, which is energy that requires no burning of fossil fuels, that ...

Federal Tax Credit For solar

New Materials for Solar Cells with Record-Breaking Efficiency

Solar Panels

Solar Air Conditioner

 Solar Air Conditioner Solar Air Conditioner. during the day the dual power ac unit runs primarily on solar power and only uses small amounts of power from the utility company as needed. Hybrid operation eliminates the need for batteries and ...

Solar Professionals

Let us design your next energy saving solar system.

Turbo TaX If you have installed solar panels onto your primary residence, you could receive 30 percent of the cost back as a tax credit. Find out how eco-friendly choices can save you money around tax season with help from ...

Top 10 solar states

The Top 10 Solar States & How Utilities Are Fighting Them 07/26/2016 03:50 pm ET Rob Sargent Energy Program Director for Environment America With three solar panels installed for every two Nevadans, Nevada now has more solar capacity per ...


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  • Solar Water Heater

  • Solar Pool Pump

  • Hybrid Solar Air Conditioners/Heat Pump


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